Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a network utility application living in your Mac OS X menu bar. It automatically checks the reachability of your network hosts on a regular basis. If there is a webserver running, Knock Knock is able to check the HTTP status response code for you as well.
Knock Knock provides a panel that stays on top of your other apps for an easy overview if any host is no longer available or comes back online.
It has never been so easy to keep taps on all of your domains, servers or even computers in your local network! Just enter a hostname or IP address, set the time between reachability checks and relax.
Check an unlimited amount of sites as often as you want and be the first to know when something is wrong - with your own sites or any other site on the web.

ProTip: Make sure your websites return a status code greater than 400 if there are unexpected errors with your code, like timeouts or "unable to connect to database".

Current Tunes

Ever been working hard with lots of open windows on your screen and just wanted to know the name of that great song without switching over to iTunes?

Current Tunes displays the current artist, song and album title in the lower left area of your screen. In addition to the song info it provides easy access to the most common controls like play / pause, skip to next song, skip to previous song, rate the current song.

RIA - Journey to Tenebra

RIA: The Light Clan Chronicles is a four-part fantasy series in comic book format created by German veteran artist Thorsten Kiecker and newcomer Fabian Schlaga – assisted by an illustrious team of international artists at Berlin-based graphics studio Stenarts.
The free RIA iOS Application enhances the comic book experience: An interactive map offers the possibility to take a journey through the amazing world of Tenebra and visit the exotic locations where the story takes place. Numerous accompanying artworks and exclusive information about the sites, the different clans inhabiting Tenebra and its fascinating fauna and flora enhance the reading pleasure and take the comic book experience to a whole new level! With every further volume of the comic book series new locations will be added to the map, so that the reader can easily follow the book’s heroes on their further adventures.

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